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Planned preventive maintenance (PPM)

PPM is business critical. Mains&Drains aims to keep it’s customers running without interruption, looking good and trading effectively as well as keeping their businesses compliant and safe at all times.

With our knowledge of drains and drainage systems we know how important regular service levels are. We offer our customers PPM on an advisory and bespoke basis, suited to the type of business they run and designed to ensure continuity. As part of our surveying process our team conducts detailed CCTV mapping, resulting in a detailed site plan. The survey will include asset tagging. We capture the data, including make, model and dimensions for all our customers equipment, including pumps and other electrical plant, manhole covers and pipe sizes.

We grade our PPM into three categories of priority.

  • Critical risk
  • High risk
  • Annual service risk

Behind the scenes, while your stores continue to trade normally, we will be conducting your bespoke maintenance program.
Why not consider one maintenance company for all your maintenance
Tradesmen UK, our parent company, provides strategic and tactical property maintenance services for businesses across the UK. The company has successful relationships with corporate clients including Savills and London Residential Management. We provide a full range of services including electrical, gas, plumbing, heating, boarding, doors, alarms, roofing, bathrooms, boilers and maintenance. The team focuses on rapid and intelligent response to client needs.